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I visited a palace in Azerbaijan ( North Western Iran ) and in the inner courtyard of the palace was a beautiful mirror hall. When the sun rose, the myriad pieces of mirror reflected the sunshine brilliantly, producing a dazzling display the likes I have never seen.

Giovanni Francesco Careri ( 1651-1725 ). The famous Italian 18th- Traveler & writer

The people of Iran have always paid great attention to fine arts, architecture and beautification of buildings.
Throughout the ages, Iranian architects have used many techniques to beautify both the interior and exterior of buildings, using locally-available building materials. The result of this endeavor has produced masterpieces of Iranian architecture.

Essentially, mirrorwork is the art of making ordered, symmetric and geometrical designs using large and small pieces of mirror in the interior of a building, which creates a luminous appearance.
Iranian craftsmen have developed this particular art over centuries, as mirrorwork requires a great deal of finesse, attention to detail, skills and patience. This art involves a great deal of painstaking work.


The art of mirror work is surely an invention of Iranian architecture, used to be the art of making ordered symmetric & geometrical design. It's the manifestation of plurality from unity, in which small pieces of mirror glued to the surface of ceilings and walls as the finishing touch in the interior of royal palaces and mansions in Iran. It's surely one of the most delicate architectural decoration in Iranian civilization. It's an art defined as regulated shapes in various designs and images with geometrical pieces of mirror for decorating interior surface of a construction.

This artistic style gives way to bright and highly shinning atmosphere created upon consecutive reflection of light in numerous mirror pieces.

Historical documents indicate the art of beautifully and painstakingly decorated mirrors dates back to 15th century on the orders of Shah Tahmasb Safavi, the king of Iran at the time. This art reached its climax in Qajar era in 19 century. "Mirror Salon ", ( Talar - Aryneh ) is the bets example  and the best example of this art during Qajar dynesty.

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